IMG_20180205_083759-01My name is Nandi Jacinta Bwanali. I am a 24-year-old young Malawian woman on the adulthood train trying to figure out the best way to live, one mistake at a time. Through this blog, I plan to share my lessons and learn from my readers.

My interests are:

  • Development Communications: This is my current field of work.
  • Entrepreneurship: I own a small shop, Nakhoni Cornershop and I am hoping to expand as time goes by.
  • Healthy Living: I am Pescetarian i.e I only eat fish and vegetables, I am all about healthy relationships and overall wellbeing ( On this blog, this includes spiritually, financial management and style).
  • Food and Travel: The two bring me so much joy I just had to feature them.
  • And the more obvious Reading and Writing 

So go through the tabs, questions, feedback, and comments are highly welcomed.

You may also reach out to me through email: Jacebwanali@gmail.com